Election Cycle 2020

Candidate Filing

I am grateful for and proud of every candidate who filed to run as a Democrat in the 2020 election cycle. I look forward to supporting them on to victory in 2020! At the same time, I am disappointed for all of the races that do not have Democrats running. I am not happy that there will not be Democrats in every race. I wish it were different.

It is my belief that we are experiencing exhaustion from long years of gerrymandering in Oklahoma.  And honestly, living in a state governed by a supermajority of Republicans is anxiety producing on a daily basis. There are battles to be fought every single day just to maintain free and fair elections, access to health care, and funding for basic government services funded by our tax money.

Let me be honest, as Chairwoman of Oklahoma County Democratic Party, my goal has always been a long one that would never be accomplished in one or two years. Everything I have learned about political organizing has taught me that we need strong precinct organizations to support our candidates–That is the reason I ran for this office. I have spent the last year working with my fellow officers to build systems that will support strong precincts over time: communications systems, social media channels, VAN admin team, and Strategic Planning Team. Over the next year, I hope to build up our precincts and house districts as hard working engines of Democratic organizing. All of the pieces are falling into place. We must persevere to see our work come to fruition.

We have great candidates at every level. Support for those candidates began April 10. We have a few weeks to register Democratic Voters, to sign up for vote by mail, and to recruit people to serve as notaries. These efforts broaden our voter base. And It is time to get to know our candidates and sign up to volunteer. In the notes for today’s agenda, there is a link to a spreadsheet that lists all of our candidates in Oklahoma County. Pick the ones you like and support them in every way you can. This truly is the most important election of our lifetime. — Robbie White, Chairwoman Oklahoma County Democratic Party

Here is the spreadsheet of election filings in Oklahoma.